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1) If you are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, all clients must inform the instructor as soon as possible. All lessons will be postponed until they are safe to resume.

2) All clients will be informed if an instructor has Covid-19 symptoms and lessons will be postponed until it safe to resume.


Light rain/drizzle will not prevent us from completing the lesson. However, if there is thunder or lightning before the lesson starts then the lesson will be rescheduled. If the lesson starts and we have to exit the pool early due to weather that is unsafe, then the remaining time will be added to your next lesson.


1) Lessons can be made up if spaces become available during the week due to cancellations. 
2) Lessons will roll over to the following week if there isn't space available to make them up.
3) Postponed lessons can also be made up after all scheduled lessons in your package have been complete.



All clients must give the instructor at least 24 hours notice to cancel lessons. However if the client is sick then they will need to stay at home and fully recover before resuming their lessons.

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